Valuing our older people

Valuing our older people

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See Pauline’s Place on our website or on this Facebook page at 4 pm on April 3rd. “Valuing our older people”

Some practical tips..

caring for elderly0

caring for elderly

Caring for Elderly2

If you know ANYONE who needs helps in your neighbourhood,
There’s a wonderful community initiative can help.

“Friends in need”

Starting by Rachel Paris and Bridget Snelling – who live in Auckland, New Zealand. Like many of you, we are concerned that the elderly and vulnerable members of our community will feel increasingly isolated, anxious and lonely, while the COVID-19 restrictions are in place. We also know that many people are struggling at this time – whether elderly, solo parents or essential services workers. We want to rally our community to help each other as much as is practicably possible at this time. A good way to do this, is by offering support to those in need.

To get support through COVID-19 register here, text Inneed + your name, email and suburb to 3255, or call 0210647625

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