The Tremendous Tragedy

The Tremendous Tragedy


What occurred was such a tragedy
Lives were shattered beyond hope
Our hearts were overcome with agony,
Yet we still need to cope.

Now when we light a candle
As a symbol of respect,
This catastrophe so brutal
For the country we must protect.

The moment we heard the shouts
Our hearts were broken.
The murderer fired the shots,
Now not a word can be spoken.

What had just happened recently?
New Zealand’s worst human disaster,
May those victims rest peacefully,
It must not happen ever after.

None of us know each other
Yet we stretch our arms out.
Everyone is like a brother,
For our neighbours we must lookout.

Afterall we are all humans,
We all have our rights,
We belong to one family,
Now working for peace is our fight!

By: Anthony Shen

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