TalkToMe – Multicultural conference


TALK TO ME CONFERENCE MOVEMENT has been initiated by our Church and Community Centre and is a very important initiative around the agenda of Intercultural competence.

The first Talk to Me Conference was held at the St Heliers Centre, 100 St Heliers Bay Rd, Auckland, in July 2015 over a weekend.  We invited young adults from anywhere in NZ and some came from overseas to participate in discussion, strategic thinking, eating and learning together and we invited people from all languages, religions and cultures.  The agenda was truly Talk to Me, that is let’s talk to one another and listen to one another.

That first conference gave us the inspiration to keep on and we have now held three successful conferences.

We are in partnership with the Paeroa Care House led by Melanie and John Budge. The next Talk to Me conference will be at St Heliers Centre and we truly invite young adults from all over New Zealand.  You come with your own cultural experience and language and your understanding of what you believe.  You come with an open mind to respect and receive love and understanding of others.

Talk to Me is needed by everyone.  This is a Movement, not an organization and it is very hopeful.


Talk to Me 2017

Talk to Me 2016

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