Prayers of Praise, Confession and Intercession

Prayers of Praise, Confession and Intercession


There is so much to thank you for, Oh Lord our God.
For the beauty of this spectacular summer with its warm days and golden islands
its blue seas and skies, the green trees, the reds and yellows of flowers, the browns of earth.
For families and friends and all the happiness and fun we share through the holiday time.
For the promises and challenges of scripture which help to anchor our faith.
We thank you for this time of worship and the chance to put aside the busyness of life and still our hearts before you.
Forgive us, Lord, for our doubts and fears, for our anger and pride and for all those secret things we have done or failed to do that we regret.
May we take new strength from this service of prayer, praise and worship and leave today encouraged by this time in your presence and with your help, be determined to work in the coming week on these our faults.
We thank you Lord that we can bring our prayers to you for our families, our friends, and for the world.
We pray for all those we know who are suffering in mind, body or spirit at this time and ask that your comfort will be with them. Give them patience where it is needed, and hope for a better future.
We pray also for this troubled world, and for the millions of people affected by drought, floods, warfare and greed. We pray for all good people involved in trying to help in these troubles. Give them strength, patience and courage to go on in with their work through good times and bad.
We bring these prayers to you in Jesus name

Heavenly Father
We have come here today to worship you, source of all love and grace, creator and sustainer of the universe.
Let us put out of our minds all the cares and worries of the week and those things that make us anxious and afraid, so that with joyful hearts we can bring to you our praise and thanks.
We thank you for the coming of Jesus Christ into our world; for the new teachings he brought that changed the old order, teachings that have come down across the ages to our own time to challenge our actions and beliefs.
We thank you for his death and resurrection and the promise of eternal life.
We thank you for the beauty of soft, slow autumn, the calm seas, the colours in the trees, the flowering of camellias, the renewal of bird song.
We thank you for our friends and family and all the joy and laughter we share with them.
And as we worship you, Oh Lord, we are conscious of the many ways we have failed you. Forgive us for the times we have been filled with anger and bitterness, forgive us for the times we have been too concerned about money and material possessions, forgive us for those secret things for which we are ashamed.
Help us to live in unity with those around us, and in this time of great change, help us to be generous in our dealings with others, respecting other points of view and using them to enlarge our vision.
These things we pray in Jesus name.

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