Prayer of Offertory & Intercession

Prayer of Offertory & Intercession


Loving God how grateful we are for every provision we receive and so freely use. Bless our offering here and our giving during the week so that your generosity to the world can be shared with all people and particularly those with need in our community.
As we mark ‘Storm Sunday’ we pray for all who go down to sea in ships, on  tugboats, ferries and fishing boats and for their families and friends who await their safe return.
For those of high adventure who dare to be different, who go against the prevailing currents, and who risk taking the uncharted course in search of new discoveries.        For those from many nations who crew the ships that transport the produce and consumer goods we need.
For those in search of freedom who cross the waves to find a new home. We pray for desperate ‘boat people’ and for those who trade on their plight.
We pray for all who care for seafarers and mariners, and particularly the Seamen’s Mission.

For the special needs and concerns of this congregation . . .
Loving God whom we know in Jesus, hear our prayers and help us in some way to become part of the answer. Amen

O Jesus, be the canoe that holds us in the sea of life.
Be the steering that keeps us on a straight course.
Be the outrigger that supports us in times of testing.
Let your spirit be our sail
that carries us through each day.
Keep our bodies strong so that we can paddle steadfastly on the long voyage of life. 

We go now in peace, to sail with God, knowing that whenever we find ourselves overwhelmed by the winds and waves of life,
We can simply turn to Our eternal companion who says, ‘Peace be still” and who invites us to enter the calm of His presence and protection.

In the name of God who gives us life, 
Jesus Christ who loves us and die for us 
and the Holy Spirit who guides and sustains us. 

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