Prayer led at church

Prayer led at church


Lord hear our prayers

It seems ridiculous that we have more goodness in
our shampoo than millions have in their one meal
a day.
We wonder how it is that we are so fortunate .
None of us would choose to be in the situation of
those who are hungry, homeless, afraid, living
without identity.  We pray for a new day of freedom
and dignity for all your children whose lives are a
daily struggle.
We know that there is enough among the worlds
developed countries to feed and clothe and
minister to everyone.
Help us keep perspective on our privileged world
and on the world  that really suffers.
Help each one of us, every adult and child to use
less resources for our own comfort and use more
for others.  Help us start in our own city and
* When I think about the suffering in the world it
seems like an ocean drowning the planet. Yet
every day there is an ocean of good will fighting
back against greed and the hard heart.
Thank you for the work of all the aid organisations
and all who give to them.
Loving God, we believe in your son Jesus Christ.
his life and his death on the cross and his living
spirit here today. Jesus gives us faith in you to

overcome everything;  faith to never give up; faith
to believe in miracles.
Hear our  prayers Lord

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