Nehemiah – The Church Musical

Nehemiah – The Church Musical



About Ordinary people aching the extraordinary
Based on the exciting, historical story written by Nehemiah in the Old Testament book of that name.

“Nehemiah The Musical” will get toes tapping and
put a song in your heart.

A great music for the church.

  1. Overture NEHEMIAH
  2. Build Me Up & Make Me Strong NEHEMIAH
  3. Narration NEHEMIAH
  4. Nehemaih's Prayer NEHEMIAH
  5. Why are you Sad? NEHEMIAH
  6. By Royal Appointment NEHEMIAH
  7. We are Traveling to Jerusaem NEHEMIAH
  8. Narration NEHEMIAH
  9. Will You Stand At The Side And Look On? NEHEMIAH
  10. We're gonna Build This Wall NEHEMIAH
  11. We're The Villains NEHEMIAH
  12. Building Up a People NEHEMIAH
  13. We'll Ride DownAnd Kill NEHEMIAH
  14. Sorrow NEHEMIAH
  15. God Be with You NEHEMIAH
  16. Shake Off the Dust NEHEMIAH
  17. Do A Deal NEHEMIAH
  18. Never Run Away NEHEMIAH
  19. I am Working NEHEMIAH
  20. Narration NEHEMIAH
  21. The People's Prayer NEHEMIAH
  22. Celebration NEHEMIAH
  23. Finale NEHEMIAH

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