Ministry of Education about Small Miracles

Ministry of Education about Small Miracles


Tena koe,

I have worked as an early intervention teacher alongside the Small Miracles team for the last 10 years (approximately).  I have found the Small Miracles team to be a model of inclusion for our shared learners.  They have shown an interest and passion for learning new strategies to support learners and their families.  They have a  very family centred approach with all of the families that we have had in common.

The team at Small Miracles have always shown a high level of professionalism.  They are dedicated teachers who provide high quality learning experiences and an inviting and accessible environment for all children.  They always go out of their way to make themselves available for RBI interviews and strategy meetings.  All of the team are involved where possible in the planning and implementation of goals for children.

The team  always show interest in any training that myself or colleagues have offered around supporting children we have in common.  They also see the value of these strategies for the all of the children at kindergarten.

Small Miracles also have gone above and beyond their role and have employed extra staff to help ensure that all children have the same ability to access the early childhood curriculum in a safe way.

The team all have excellent communication skills with myself and my colleagues, with school teams (during transition) and with families.

The feedback that I have heard from colleagues, families whose children I work with and from the surrounding community is that Small Miracles provides an outstanding level of early childhood education.

If you have any further questions.  Please contact me.


Nga mihi nui,

Naku noa,

Joleen Millward

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