Language & Culture Programmes


Learn English!

Speak natural, fluent English!
Conversation, grammar, vocabulary-building, IELTS/exam preparation, pronunciation,
all-round fluency. Private classes online
or in-person. Beginner to advanced.
Children and adults welcome.
Contact: Amy Merrill,  027 699 2241

Learn Spanish!
General Spanish, traveller’s Spanish, topic-focused Spanish, academic
Spanish tutoring for NCEA students. Private classes online or in-person.
Children and adults welcome.
Contact: Amy Merrill,  027 699 2241

English Conversation
Come and join us! Everyday English.
Fun, friendship and a fantastic opportunity
to learn. Our expert native-speakers offer
the  best  learning environments.
All stages and ages. 
Cost:      $5 per term
Mondays and Fridays:  10am-11:30am
Contact:  575 6098

International Shared Family Dinner
This is a great opportunity to meet
other families and adults and enjoy
a lovely shared dinner. Each month
a different country is presented.
Day:  4th Sunday of each month
Time: 5pm-7pm

Le Petit Club  French for Fun
French for Fun with Le Petit Club NZ:
Saturdays: 9 to 9.30 am:
Children aged 2 to 5 ($10 per session)
Saturdays: 9.30 to 10.15 am: Children
aged 5 to 7 ($15 per session) Free trial
Contact:  Nathalie 021 02730178

Mandarin Learning
Monday:      Beginners (Age 6+)
Tuesday :      Intermediate (Age 6+)
Wednesday: Beginners (Age 6+)
Friday:         Advanced. (Age 6+)
Time:           4pm – 5:30pm
Contact:      Deanna 022 598 2031
Book Online:


Confidence in Public Speaking & Leadership:
Improve your communication skills;
become more confident and develop leadership skills;
Learn how to conquer your fear of public speaking in a safe environment;
communicate what you want to say with confidence, clarity and conviction
Meets:      Alternate Wednesdays
Time:        7:30 to 9:30pm
Contact:  Kirsten 027 705 13 37 or Sue 021 253 6705

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