Ideas Explode – Holiday Programme

Ideas Explode – Holiday Programme


Ideas Explode 2019 FINAL POSTER 2

The week of the ideas Explode Holiday programme help in its 13th year in St Heliers Church and Community Centre was  again a wonderful experience.

No two ideas explode programmes are the same.

The principles on which it operates however are the same
1) everybody’s working on a budget
2) everyone learns form someone
3) All good things require hard work
4) Always do your best in God’s work

Around these principles we create Art, Music, Drama, dance,Movies, documentaries and this year, a Magazine

The young people aged between 8 and 16  choose an elective and work for four days to finish a project they begin on Monday morning. They work together and youth tutors and some adult facilitators help them to succeed.

Everything has to be ready for the Concert on Thursday night.

It is a wonderful and energy-creating programme.   Stan and I have been leading these for almost 40 years across three countries.  St Heliers young people are amazing  and like to work hard once they know the direction in which they are heading.

I pay a tribute to the youth tutors . They have to get out of bed early, turn off their devices and work  with children in a creative process that is not easy.   They do not receive wages but a small gift voucher or honorarium.

Ming Xie our Youth and Children’s Ministry Leader who comes from Taiwan  revelled in encouraging the tutors and children. Thank you Ming!  Another facet this year 2019, –  we were able to be part of the Global Mission project with 5 Taiwanese young adults participating in the leadership of Ideas Explode. Thank you to Phil King and Global Mission of our Presbyterian Church.

Rev Pauline Stewart
Minister St Heliers Presbyterian Church

The film was made
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