Ideas Explode 2020

Ideas Explode 2020

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Ideas Explosion is a unique holiday programme run by St Heliers Church and Community Centre to offer the young people and children a place for creativity and fun and to learn some skills during school holidays.

This programme is base on the principles of “believing in your ideas, working on a budget, all oo things require hard work
Every child and young person has an opportunity to take part in one main elective over the four days -Choose `from Art ( painting and craft and design) ), Baking and Hospitality, , Video Production, Music, Drama, Dance and Producing and Editing a Magazine.

The leaders of each elective are ur youth tutors who know what children and young people love and who have lots of energy plus an adult supporter to guarantee success and to offer thier wisdom from their own skills.

The leadership is caring and loving and there is a structure to enable everyone to finish what they start in the four days. Christian principles are evident and thoughtful stories are told every day. Also, after lunch we have our classic Talent Quest and a really great afternoon tea concludes the day.

Thursday evening we are going to finish the night with the Ideas explosion 2020 Concert, celebrating and sharing the achievements of the week of hard work and effort and fun. all parents, carers and grandparents are invited to the concert.

Because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, we are all living in some kind of uncertainty, and we are offering this programme for $60 less than last year. We will still bring our very best. Rev Pauline is the host of the Ideas Explosion and I will be the key organiser;

We will provide your children with a very memorable and wonderful four days and an evening concert. Actually they will offer you a great evening concert.

See the costs below and see the link for the Registration form.
Date of Ixdeas Explosion: Monday 13th July – Thursday 17th July
Time: 9am – 4pm
Cost: $100 per person for four days, Two siblings is $170, Family of three children is $200
Contact: Ming at or Mobile: 0277766623
Youth and Families Co-ordinator

Register now:

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