Farm Camp Review

Farm Camp Review


Hi, I am Nelly and I am very glad I went to this camp because it gave me some unforgettable memories and life lessons.

As I was a leader, the camp gave me much experience and tips of how to be a good leader.  I noticed that for being a good leader you shouldn’t scream at children or make them feel put-down. Instead, you should make them feel inspired by you and love you as their friend. A leader should be someone children can talk to any time and learn new things from her.

Let’s say we might be smart in Maths or sciences, but camp makes you smart in life. Believe it, being smart in life brings more success than being smart in Math.

Camp challenges you to make the most of your life. This is why all of us should go to camp and get some life experience.

Thanks  – Nelly Karapetyan  16years

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