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Terms & Conditions(Please read, Applies for all users)

Hours of Activity

Hirers must vacate the premises no later than 10.00pm including clean up. Hirers may not enter any facility until the time booked and all functions must finish at the completion of the booked period. The booking period must include setting up, dismantling, and cleaning of the venue. The external deck must not be used after 9pm.


Hirers are responsible for packing down, cleaning and removing any rubbish from the venue. Failure to do so will result in these costs being deducted from your bond or your bond being with held. We can arrange for the venue to be set up and/or cleaned after your function.Please enquire regarding these costs

It is the responsibility of each hirer to clean and vacuum any area that they have used and have dirtied. Chairs and tables need to be stored as they were found or as agreed after use. No outside cleaning / rubbish disposal after 10.00pm.

No food is permitted in the church space unless prior agreement is sought. All rubbish (especially food waste) must removed form the centre by the the client.

Noise Complaints

The centre is located in a residential area and due care and respect must be shown to neighbouring properties with regard to noise both during and after the event. Hirers are responsible for managing noise during the event. Noise from amplifiers and loudspeakers (especially from live bands ) must be kept to a moderate level at all times. Failure to comply with this condition may result in the early closure of your function and the Centre has the right to withhold your bond.

All windows and doors shall be closed during use of amplified music or any activities generating excessive noise in that part of the facility in which the music is being played or the activity is being undertaken.

Traffic & Parking

Parking is available on the street. Please note that the car park to the right of the centre is for STAFF ONLY. Users must not park or drop off within the driveway to the left of the centre. DO NOT park on the grass or yellow marked parking areas. Vehicles must not be left unattended in the designated drop off areas.

ALWAYS leave the front of the building clear for emergency vehicles and for vehicles dropping off disabled people.


Alcohol may not be consumed on the premises without prior consultation with the Community Centre Manager one month prior to booking. The Centre does not permit hirers to obtain an Alcohol Licence.


This is a smoke free area.
Due to sensitive smoke sensors, we cannot allow smoke machines nor snow machines

Health and Safety

All hirers of our rooms and facilities are responsible for the health, safety and wellbeing of all people attending their function or activity.

You are expected to explain the Fire Evacuation method to all people under your care at the start of your session. In the event of an emergency; evacuate to the designated area by the road and one person of your group should report to the Centre Staff.

There is a Fire Evacuation Plan on display on the ‘Compliance Board’ in the passageway of the main entry lounge.

Displayed on the same Compliance Board is a list of known Hazards.

You must not bring new Hazards into the Complex. This includes SMOKE machines and SNOW machines.If you see a problem anywhere in the Complex you must report this to the Office immediately.

All accidents must be reported to our Office. No tinsel nor confetti is allowed.

Attachments or Decorations

Under no circumstances may ANY decorations etc be hung in any part of the building without prior approval of the Community Centre Manager.

Loss or Damage (premises and equipment)

The St Heliers Church and Community Centre accepts NO responsibility for any loss or damage to any property of the hirer or any guest or participant with the hirer. No insurance is available to cover loss or damage even for property that the Centre has given permission to be stored or is left secured in any storage facility which may be provided.

Lost property

Centre staff holds all lost property in the office for a period of one month.


Payment of invoice is required within 7 days to confirm booking unless otherwise agreed with the centre management. Where these conditions of payment are not met the Centre has the right to cancel the booking.
The hirer agrees that any monies owing to St. Heliers Centre from a hirer for more than 14 days
will be deemed overdue and will have Interest added at the ANZ daily bank overdraft rate.
All collection costs incurred by the St. Heliers Centre in collecting overdue amounts will be
added to the original sum owing.
These may include; Office Administration Costs, Debt Collection Agency fees, Legal and Court


A bond of $200 is required for all bookings.

The Centre has the right to withhold all or part of the bond and charge the hirer for any additional costs incurred including but not limited to the following:

  • Repair or damage to the premises, furniture or equipment,
  • Tidying away of furniture
  • Extra cleaning.
  • Staying beyond the contracted time.
  • Disturbance to adjoining properties/neighbours

The Centre will refund the bond in full, subject to all the conditions of hire being met.


If you require audio visual resources for your event, you must organise a time prior to your booking to come into the centre to be trained . Office staff are not available during the weekends for audio visual support.

Cancellations of bookings

When cancellation of a rental booking is done 7 days in advance of the booking, the rental group will receive a 50% refund. When 6 days or less notice is given for the cancellation, the centre has the right to withhold 100 % of the hire fee.


This community centre is closely associated with the St Heliers Presbyterian Church.

As such, hirers need to be aware that if there is a funeral, this has to take precedence over any other event. This may affect your booking. Unfortunately, short notice often applies in such cases. All realistic attempts will be made to minimise inconveniences to other hirers. We are sorry for any disruptions this may cause.

Rental Rates

For regular bookings, the hire agreement and rates between St Heliers Community Centre and hirers will be reviewed annually.
Price changes may apply

I have to read and accept the Terms and Conditions of the Agreement for hire and use of the St Heliers Church and Community Centre

I have read this Agreement and agree to the terms and conditions*

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