Denis Lozica’s Letter

Denis Lozica’s Letter


This man is pleased with his people.
We share his letter of thanks to the team and choir for all the work that made the Advent Concert on November 25th – inspiring and a wonderful success.

Dear friends
I have many of you to thank for many reasons.
Last night was indeed a very special event: it was our fifth such concert and yet it was as expressive and exciting as the first.
To you all in the choir, you really sounded superb and you excelled.
Lilia your choir shone on the night, their posture, voice production and concentration were impressive.
They were always ready for cues and direction. In short Pauline summed it, yet again, so well: you sounded not like a “parish” choir but a professional one.
And then we were accompanied and supported by such gifted and wonderful artists in Michael and Philip. Both of you are such a pleasure to make music with. Throughout the whole process you were entirely supportive and cooperative. Your musicianship and friendship shone through and touched us all. We are incredibly grateful to you.
Amy, James, Svet: the fact that this year we were asked for an encore and that encore was your song Amy spoke volumes.
I could not stop singing “Sing hallelujah” for the remainder of the night. The combination of the bass, acoustic guitar and your vocals, Amy, Luca, Emma, Kathy combined with all our singers was magical. Thank you Philip for joining us in this one too!
Michael you carried us through a lot of music so masterfully maestro, thank you.
Jeanette, thank you for leading us with your commentary; it all flowed so well: the concert commenced precisely at 7 pm and part one end in 50 minutes providing a good time for the interval. The concert ended just prior to 9 pm and so it really did “work out” after all.
Lilit, the programme you created was stunning: I loved the cover, the choice of colour and design. And I was so pleased we included those summaries of our key guest musicians.
Flavio the Liszt you played sounded better than all the YouTube versions I had listened beforehand to. I could imagine the waves of the sea and the drama the piece conveyed.
Marcello your students are a credit to you, the music was challenging and yet your students rose to the challenge.
Most of all I so loved the smiles on your faces, the joy expressed in so many moments throughout the concert as you sang and performed each of those pieces of art, of inspiration.
On that same note, I need to also say how very hopeful, beautiful and uplifting it was to see you all united.
I wish each and every one of you and your families, a very blessed Advent, Christmastide and New Year.
Sincerely yours
Denis Lozica
Director of Music
St Heliers Presbyterian Church
(021) 880-726

Some nice pictures of the event

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