Ways to give to our church:

Giving to the work of the Church 
The work of the Church depends on the generosity of people giving, particularly regular committed giving. We have internet banking, Direct Debit, (01 0262 0010575 00  – St Heliers Presbyterian Church) or envelopes, as well as giving in the plate each Sunday.  If you make payment via Internet Banking, please include your name in the reference so that a receipt can be issued to you. Strict confidentiality is observed.  
Internet banking:
Our bank details for the above are:
01 0262 0010575 00 (St Heliers Presbyterian Church)

 Weekly envelopes: Dated and stamped with your number – a number assigned to you when you ask for envelopes. Some people who use envelopes make a monthly or quarterly offering.  The envelopes are collected during the service in the offering baskets.Envelope secretary: Roger 575 9486

To enable taxation rebates we provide annual receipts for the above payment methods.

Cash Donations:  money placed in the offering baskets which are passed during the service. In past, this was the main way of giving to the church. Recently this has diminished as the methods above have increased.

Occasion gifts and thanksgiving offerings: These can be made through the offering baskets or posed to the church office: 100 St Heliers Bay Rd, St Heliers, Auckland 1071

Christian Stewardship is about leaving a ‘Legacy’
A provision in your ‘Will’ today can guarantee that tomorrow the ministry of our church will continue.
Across New Zealand, many wonderful services and facilities are available today because yesterday people dedicated part of their estate to these projects. Because they made provision in their Will the work they believed in goes on. The legacy they made yesterday continues to make good things possible today and in the future.

You can make sure the ministry of our church continues by making provision for us in your Will.

If this idea appeals to you a codicil should be added to your Will as follows:

I give the sum of $………… the St Heliers Presbyterian Church for its general purposes”.

Your legal representative can help you with this or call our Office 5756098.

We have many professionals who will gladly help.
Your legacy can enable the future caring, sharing the ministry of our church.

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