Baptisms & Blessings

Baptisms & Blessings

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We are a church who practices baptism for babies as well as adults and the Baptism is generally part of morning worship 9.00 or 10.30am services. This is a wonderful act of commitment by the congregation, parents and family. Preparation sessions for Baptism are offered by this church.

The Baptism involves the sprinkling of water and promises by the parents and the congregation. If someone requests Baptism by immersion then this can be done at a beach, lake or pool. The church does not do private Baptisms. Preparation sessions are offered by the Minister.
The families are encouraged to belong to the faith community, but it is not a requirement of Baptism. Each person being baptised receives a Bible at this important occasion.

BLESSINGS: The naming or blessing of a child is offered and this can be done at home. We also assist people with house blessings.

Please contact our office during office hours or phone us at 5756098, we are open 5 days a week from 9.00am until 5.00pm.

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