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Ideas Explosion is a unique holiday programme run by St Heliers Church and Community Centre to offer the young people and children a place for creativity and fun ...

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Students and Teachers Concert St Heliers Centre Sunday, 28 June 2020 3pm (koha entry) A celebration of music and togetherness after the lockdown with the teachers and students ...

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  We have won the lottery! What do we do next? In 1982 Pauline and I escorted the Green Valley Children’s choir  (32 children and young people) with ...

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See Pauline’s Place on our website or on this Facebook page at 4 pm on April 3rd. “Valuing our older people” Some practical tips.. If you know ANYONE ...

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SHE DANCED I had never seen her before. Her parents knew us from contacts we had with them five years before. We had helped them and from a ...