About Us


St Heliers Church and Community Centre  is a part of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand
We are a people called by God to share the good news of Jesus Christ by:
  • sharing the Bible and God’s love found in Jesus through worshipping, teaching and serving
  • building a people to belong to  –  followers of Jesus – all ages, all cultures.
  • serving one another and caring for others.
  • making a difference for God wherever we go and in whatever we do.
  • caring for creation and helping heal the planet.
We are called to do this well and to love God with all our heart and mind.
St Heliers motto is Reaching Out And Welcoming In

Our Values

As a Presbyterian Church, we value our history and traditions but are not burdened by either. In fact, it helps us name who we are among the vast variety of Christian churches. Presbyterians came here from Scotland to find freedom of religion in the early 1800’s. Presbyterian were free thinkers, passionate about transforming society, believed education and equal opportunity for all was worth fighting for. They were devout and faithful people. Their commitment to Christ and the church was the center of their lives and they chose to live out this commitment by serving their community. The Presbyterian Church of St Heliers has been here since 1917 and we choose to live out this tradition in the ethos of the 21st century.



We encourage people to learn, to study, to get involved and to think about things deeply. We do not tell people what to think. We believe the Bible leads us to Jesus Christ, our Saviour and the hope of the world. We believe that Love is the key to everything and that Jesus is the source of all of it. We know we are neither perfect nor sinless, but our  trust is in God’s grace which is God’s gift to us through Jesus. We seek to journey into the future with Jesus and we commit ourselves to follow where He leads.


We have a commitment to caring about the community in which the church lives. Our history in this land is one of men and women who were totally committed to impacting the society in which they lived – engaging with those who need help, all races, all stages and walks of life. They were not afraid to make a stand for the future,  of hardship but courageous enough to risk. We seek to live out a commitment to excellence – that is giving our best to our work, our school, our families, our community, simply because God gave us the best. The strength of the community here at church provides the sustenance and encouragement to live in this way.

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