L’Accademia in St Heliers

L’Accademia in St Heliers

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LAccademia in St Heliers shares a love of Music and Arts as well as the vibrant community of creative students who contribute towards the diversity of this space.


Lessons in piano, flute, cello, violin,  Feldenkrais practice and music theory 
available at St Heliers Centre.
Our amazing team includes professionals with international careers and increasingly renowned expertise in music pedagogy. 
We not only prepare for exams and University entries, but cater lessons to be instructive, fun and structurally based on optimal techniques that focus on good awareness and freedom for the production of sound. Moreover, we offer the students different performance opportunities throughout the year in our Community Centre and we offer them free tickets to all the concerts we organise here.

Lessons available:
Piano: Flavio Villani & Caitlyn Abbot & others
Flute: Alistair Greenwood
Cello:  Paul Mitchell
Violin:  Gill Ripley 
Music TheoryGroup Classes beginners  and intermediate on enquiry.
Composition: Workshops with Robert Loretz
For any enquiries please email: info@flaviovillani.com

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Our special projects are designed to teach the children not only an instrument but also to bring them closer to the music they make and to develop a feeling for what the composer wanted to express with it. These projects convey different methodologies of teaching music where the students can share, improve their music skills and boost their creativity. Two examples in the past year have been the Music in a Nutshell series where students presented music and information about Mozart and Chopin.


Exams preparation and regular concert performances are seen as a highly important part of our students’ education. Priority is given in creating an artistic personality for each young musician. We provide concert series and workshops with teachers from different academies and Universities as well as professional musicians or ensembles from overseas. The 2013 Award from the Local Board for the Arts, Culture and Heritage to Flavio Villani is a good endorsement of the hard work. But our best recommendation is the joy of the people and the great feedback of who attend our events.

Xiaole Chun wrote this piece of music herself and with her two friends performed it as part of a fund raising concert at St Heliers Centre.  Michael Song on piano and Xiaole are students at the St Heliers Centre for Music  They learn under Flavio Villani,  Director of St heliers Music School and the Villani School of Music.


Contact Flavio Villani for more information

email: info@flaviovillani.com


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