Bill Duncan About Our Annual Report

Bill Duncan About Our Annual Report


I have just finished reading a hard copy of the annual report. I have to say that I found it very uplifting at a time when I am sometimes struggling with feelings of inadequacy and discouragement, as I suspect are many ministers and chaplains.

“Ministers and Chaplains today more often than not are dealing with people spiritually uncommitted, theologically uninformed, intellectually ambivalent and culturally diverse.

The current context is one marked by high levels of suspicion towards religion in general and the institutional church in particular. People still crave spiritual fulfillment, a source of meaning and value in life and some awareness of transcendence, but they are often deeply skeptical about the capacity of the church to meet that need. For many people today – especially those who are well educated in the sciences and humanities, yet shockingly ignorant about the contribution of Christian thought and history to western civilization – the church is damaged goods”

After reading the annual report for our church I feel uplifted by its content and the people who have made it all happen. It’s like singing praises to God in the rain or not so apparent storm – something I wish to capture in my message next week.

Congratulations and God Bless our Church and all who dwell in her!

Bill Duncan

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