A Prayer for MOTHERS DAY

A Prayer for MOTHERS DAY


Dear Lord,
Today we remember our mothers, for the women they were and are,
for the gift of life they gave to us each, for our upbringing and for the love our mothers showed to us in the best way they knew how.
We thank you that in the role of mother you ensured that each child would receive unconditional love and nurturing. We are really grateful today for this special gift.
We remember today Lord young mums who struggle with knowing how to be good mums.
It is not something everyone finds natural or easy, and so we ask that you will give young mums, discernment, patience, healing, the support they need from their partners, and plenty of sleep.
Today we remember mothers of older children who try to cope with school age children.
In the busyness of their lives let them know that you are over all and that your protecting love and care is with them and their children.
We think of mums with teenage children.  Dear Lord in these difficult years of letting go, and watching them form their own identities and reasons for being,  let us trust that the love and care with which they have been raised will form the foundation on which they will build their lives.
Help us as parents not to always have to be in control, but to learn the art of trusting you through this journey.
For those here whose children have grown into adulthood, we ask only that our children be happy and live a life that is full of the beauty of your love.

Written by Shirley Kilgour
Salvation Army Officer and Minister in Association at St Heliers Presbyterian Church 

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