A Prayer based on Mark 6:1-13

A Prayer based on Mark 6:1-13


God you dwell beyond every temple and cathedral built to your glory. You breathe life into the universe.
God, you seek to dwell among us. You seek community with children.
In our praying, help us listen; really listen.
Clear us of our prejudices and scepticism.
Tender and mighty God we seek courage to join with You and to open our heart to know You and know the life that is Your will for us.
We are people who seem to accept lack of faith as our standard when our Lord was amazed.
We give up easily when there is rejection and we burrow deep into our self-pity. We close down. But yet our Lord looked beyond rejection to pave a way to spread the vision of a new world.
We cling to our familiar ways and we cling to those who think and act like us. We can’t see the potential, the beauty, and the power that is looking to us from strangers and those not in our circles. We love less and we fill our lives with clutter. Yet our Lord saw leaders of the new world in fishermen and in tax collectors; in the suffering and in widows and children. He saw them as great friends in faith even unto death. He brought them into the inner circle of His heart, and He gave Himself willingly and completely on the cross.
You invite us into the inner circle of Your heart. In thankfulness we pray and listen.
There’s a world of hurt, contradiction waiting for us in Your name but it is a world of hope and possibility, of miracles and new life, of forgiveness and light, that the darkness can never put out.

This is Your glory, for ever and ever. Amen

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