The Future of our Church

The Future of our Church


I love this photo of Benjamin, Matilda and Charlie taken on Sunday morning at the church by Andrea Perez, mother of the little guy on the left.

Andrea has called the photo; “The Future of our Church”.

We will certainly have a great future then if these three and many other little ones like them are here in the future. Benjamin, Matilda and Charlie know their way around the St Heliers Church and Community Centre and they feel at home and are confident that the adults know their names and welcome them. This photo reminds us that Christian faith is not an ‘adults only’ faith. Jesus said of little ones like these three; “For of such is the kingdom of heaven”.
I thank God for Benjamin, Matilda and Charlie and the blessing and joy they bring our community. Our work is to ensure that every generation of little ones is here among us connected meaningfully to the older ones. we need to also ensure these little children are loved and welcomed by all of us. They will keep us more honest, vulnerable and challenge us to play sometimes instead of having meetings.

Rev Pauline Stewart

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