Stan’s 80th Birthday Party by Anthony Shen

Stan’s 80th Birthday Party by Anthony Shen


Driving along the road I glanced at Stan, our church’s minister. It was a special day, Stan’s 80th Birthday! We were taking Stan to a soccer field. Our family and Pauline, Stan’s wife, planned to trick Stan into joining his own birthday party by telling him to watch William, my brother’s last soccer game of the season. My mum drove as slowly as possible to let Pauline arrive at the soccer field first, but she didn’t!

   As we arrived, Stan found out that there was no one on the field. “How can you play soccer when there is nobody to play with?!” Stan asked furiously. I was actually scared and we were all worried that the plan might go wrong! William quickly got out to find his pretended ‘soccer coach’, who was the church members.

   In the meantime I showed Stan my bluetooth speaker and how it works, just to keep Stan’s temper about the soccer game. Then William came back and told Stan to go to a shared breakfast organized by William’s ‘soccer coach’. At first, Stan didn’t believe us and asked for the food to be taken to him in our car. We finally talked him into going to the breakfast. William lead us to Stan’s favourite park, which was when Stan got suspicious. “Is William tricking me?” Stan asked me.

   “No.” I had to keep it secret.

   “Really? He seems suspicious!” Stan answered. As we got to the entrance of the park, a church member explained to Stan what was happening. As soon as Stan knew that he had been tricked, he started fake hitting William and I with a closed umbrella. A lot of the church members knew that Stan would be tricked, but they didn’t know how. There were different types of Mcdonald’s burgers placed on a table for everyone! Suddenly little bits of raindrops started falling and it soon started

raining. Amazingly Stan was so happy that he didn’t care about the rain! “I’m singing in the rainnnn!” Stan sang joyfully. I realized that he was actually singing ‘Singin’ In The Rain’. ‘I’m singing in the rain. Just singing in the rain. What a glorious feeling, I’m happy again…’ OK, you got the idea.

   Unfortunately, the rain became heavier and we left. Of course, the party didn’t end, we went to Barbara Spier’s garage and continued. After that, we ate cakes and drank juice. At the end, we took photos while two Russian musicians performed beautiful music as Stan and Pauline waltzed.

   Sadly time flies and we had to go to school. We had great fun and that day I went to school with a broad happy smiling face.

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