Preschool: Small Miracles

Preschool: Small Miracles

We provide Early Childhood Education for two to five-year-olds in a caring nurturing and supportive environment.  We are licensed for 30 children and have a ratio of four staff to 30 children.  Small Miracles offers a safe and happy pre-school where children are provided with the skills to gain confidence and a sense of self-worth.
Our hours of operation are 9 – 3pm.  Half days 9 – 12 midday and 12.30 – 3pm and full day sessions from 9 – 3pm are available.  Small Miracles operates over four terms and is closed during school holidays.

What Happens in small miracles

preschool - kindergarten
Constable Tye is a regular visitor at Small Miracles. The children enjoy having him around because he has a great way with them. The highlight is always the time they get to explore his car
preschool - kindergarten
preschool - kindergarten
Our Little Explorers went on a walk to St Heliers Beach. They had great fun exploring the rock pools and finding crabs.
preschool - kindergarten
preschool - kindergarten
Some eggs arrived at Small Miracles on Monday and on Wednesday morning we were greeted by 7 fluffy chicks. What an awesome way to learn about life-cycles.

Small Miracle

preschool - kindergartenThe pre-school programme provides the children with opportunities for learning and developing relationships with other children and adults, social skills and independence.  It provides a variety of activities including creative, cognitive and physical activities.  The programme is centred demonstrating and encouraging Christian values and respect for others.  We support the Church philosophy of ‘Reaching out and Welcoming in’ through developing strong partnerships with parents/whanau and our local community.

Monday and Friday afternoon sessions are tailored to our unique Fun-to-Learn Four Programme,  This is a programme focused on supporting our tamariki as they transition to school, within the programme we hope to further develop children’s curiosity about life and equip them with the skills to inquire and investigate; supporting the development of social competencies that will support children as they take the next step in their learning journey.


These are some quotes from our latest ERO;

“The preschool has full rolls and a long waiting list.  Features of the pre-school are its underpinning Christian philosophy and values; teachers’ warm, nurturing care for children; and positive relationships with families, the church and wider community.  The environment is inclusive and welcoming with an atmosphere of sustained engagement in learning.  Children’s behaviour reflects a strong sense of belonging and emotional security, and children are well supported to develop social competence.’

The teaching team has been stable for some time and has a clear focus on providing high quality, child-centered programmes.  They have established effective assessment, evaluation and planning practices that result in a programme that is responsive to children’s emerging interest and learning needs.  They work well together as a team of professional educators and continue to reflect on and refine their practices.

If you would like to read the full ERO report for 2014 then this is available here, for 2017 – here.

Pre-school Charges

If your child is over three years old you are eligible for up to six hours per day and 20 hours per week subsidised early childhood education under the 20 Hours ECE policy.  There are additional charges to cover other requirements for this service.  Please see below;

Charges 2 – 3 year olds $8.05 per hour (GST incl.) (no subsidy)
Charges 3 – 5 year olds $4.60 per hour (GST incl.)
Please note that for 3 – 5 year olds attending more than 20 hours the charge is $8.05 per hour.

Contact Us:

preschool - kindergartenFor more information please feel free to contact us on;

ph: 585 4006

The Small Miracles team is happy to chat to you about any further information that you require.  We realise that it is a big decision to place your child in a centre and so we are more than happy to have parents and children to visit.  Please ring and arrange a time.

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