Prayer said on Easter Day

Prayer said on Easter Day


Prepared by Alan Jamieson
Lord God, we live in an unbelieving world where all too often the wondrous things you have done are ignored or quickly forgotten.
We pray for those for whom the good news of Easter is just too good to be true; for those who dare not believe or who look for scientific proof where none can be found except in the humbleness of accepting faith.  May the risen Christ touch their hearts with his grace that they may believe.

P: Give us new life in you
We pray for your Church in all its many forms and for all Christians from the richness of a myriad of backgrounds and cultures.  We thank you for this diversity and may the very things that distinguish us one from another not divide us but be a source of strength for your universal Church.
We pray especially for Christians who serve and witness in places where there is hardship, opposition from authorities and persecution.  May your Spirit be ever with them to support, protect and encourage.

P: Give us new life in you
We pray for our broken and hurting world.  Where there is violence and crushing oppression, may there be peace.  Where there is corruption and injustice, may your Spirit of integrity, honesty and truth overcome evil in all its forms.
Where there is exploitation by the powerful of the disadvantaged, the poor and the weak, may the values that Jesus taught of honour, respect and justice be brought to bear.  May the love he brought into the world prevail.

P: Give us new life in you
We pray for our own community.  Forgive us Lord when we have shown a lack of concern for those in our midst who are in desperate need.  We remember those in our church family who are sick and those recovering from operations and in need of your healing hand, for the sad and lonely and those facing testing times.  In silence, Lord, we bring to you the names of friends and special loved ones ………. may you be with them Lord in their time of need.

P: Give us new life in you
Finally, we pray for ourselves.   Cement in us a new awareness that you are alive and give us the courage to proclaim with confidence that you are our Saviour and Lord.  Fill us Lord with your joy and your power.
In the name of Jesus,

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