Prayer of intercession for Refugee Sunday or for any day

Prayer of intercession for Refugee Sunday or for any day


Reader One: I speak for a child who has come to a new country with only one parent. The Dad is somewhere in a country where war has broken out. This child does not know where her Dad is. They know no one yet  and everything is different.
<span “mso-bidi-font-size:12.0pt;font-family:helvetica;mso-fareast-font-family:=”” “MS=”” 明朝”;mso-fareast-theme-font:minor-fareast;mso-bidi-font-family:calibri;=”” mso-ansi-language:en-us”=””>CHILD<span “mso-bidi-font-size:12.0pt;font-family:helvetica;mso-fareast-font-family:=”” “MS=”” 明朝”;mso-fareast-theme-font:minor-fareast;mso-bidi-font-family:calibri;=”” mso-ansi-language:en-us”=””>:<span “mso-bidi-font-size:=”” 12.0pt;font-family:helvetica;mso-fareast-font-family:”MS=”” 明朝”;mso-fareast-theme-font:=”” minor-fareast;mso-bidi-font-family:calibri;mso-ansi-language:en-us”=””> I shut the door, and push my face into my pillow and cry. I think of my Father and wish he was here.
<span “mso-bidi-font-size:12.0pt;=”” font-family:helvetica”=””>I can remember how, when I hurt myself, he would make me feel better.
<span “mso-bidi-font-size:12.0pt;=”” font-family:helvetica”=””>Now he’s not here,
<span “mso-bidi-font-size:12.0pt;=”” font-family:helvetica”=””>And no one can make me feel better. I don’t understand the way the children think. They stare at me. I wish I could be invisible.  But my mother needs me – At least I can learn the words quickly. The social worker says “You’re lucky!
<span “mso-bidi-font-size:12.0pt;=”” font-family:helvetica”=””>I don’t feel lucky. I know the war is far away but so is everyone that I loved and who loved me. Everyone except Mum,
God hear my prayer
Song:  O Lord hear my prayer
Reader Two: I speak for a father who has brought his young family to  New Zealand because they felt unsafe and their future was under threat. They did not wait to become refugees and endure the refugee camps.
<span “mso-bidi-font-size:12.0pt;=”” font-family:helvetica”=””>But they are total strangers to the country and the culture and have no relatives
FATHER: Everyone is so polite and friendly  they try to help.  it is so hard getting a job. All our education doesn’t seem to count and our supply of savings will run out soon. I worked in the university as an engineer  but now I would be glad to get a cleaning job.
<span “mso-bidi-font-size:12.0pt;=”” font-family:helvetica”=””>We need to trust more.  Soon we hope we will make some real kiwi friends.
God hear my prayer
Song:  O lord hear my prayer
Reader Three: I speak for an old person who through ill health has been forced to leave his home and take up residence in a nursing home.
<span “mso-bidi-font-size:12.0pt;=”” font-family:helvetica”=””>My room is air-conditioned
<span “mso-bidi-font-size:12.0pt;=”” font-family:helvetica”=””>My bed is comfortable and the meals are well, okay.
<span “mso-bidi-font-size:12.0pt;=”” font-family:helvetica”=””>I never have to lift a finger to clean or tidy.
<span “mso-bidi-font-size:12.0pt;=”” font-family:helvetica”=””>But oh how I wish I was home again.
<span “mso-bidi-font-size:12.0pt;=”” font-family:helvetica”=””>I know they thought I was not “managing”
<span “mso-bidi-font-size:12.0pt;=”” font-family:helvetica”=””>I admit I couldn’t see to clean as I used to
<span “mso-bidi-font-size:12.0pt;=”” font-family:helvetica”=””>But it was my home
<span “mso-bidi-font-size:12.0pt;=”” font-family:helvetica”=””>And next door were my friends
<span “mso-bidi-font-size:12.0pt;=”” font-family:helvetica”=””>I know that they think my being here is “for the best”
<span “mso-bidi-font-size:12.0pt;=”” font-family:helvetica”=””>But I have never felt this useless,
<span “mso-bidi-font-size:12.0pt;=”” font-family:helvetica”=””>like I am waiting to die and I know I am
<span “mso-bidi-font-size:12.0pt;=”” font-family:helvetica”=””>but surely there is more then just this
God hear my prayer
Song:  O Lord hear my prayer

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