Learning Adventures

Learning Adventures


Learning advaeture 2

Mandarin Club!!

mandarin_learning_club_term_4_2017(English)@ ST HELIERS COMMUNITY CENTRE 100 St Heliers Bay Road, St HeliersTerm 4 2017

TUE – Young Learners (Age: 6+)
Date: 17 Oct – 28 Nov
Time: 4pm – 5:30pm
Price: $15 per session

  • Chinese Culture
  • Everyday Conversation
  • Songs, Games and more!!

Wednesday Reading and Writing (Age 7+)
Date: 18th Oct – 29th Nov
Price: $15 per session per person

  • Chinese Handwriting
  • Chinese Fun Reading
  • Write their own stories using Chinese

ALSO Mandarin Club Fridays and Saturdays!!
Friday Mandarin Club – Advanced Age 6 +
Date: 20 Oct – 1 Dec
Time: 4:15pm – 5:15pm
Price $15 per session
Pick up from St Heliers School and walk down to St Heliers Centre
$17.25 + $5 = $22.25
• Require basic Chinese listening/speaking skills
• Using China’s primary school text book
Saturday Mandarin Club – Reading Age 7 +
Date: 21 Oct – 2 Dec
Time 10am to 11am
Price $15 per session
• Require basic Chinese listening/speaking skills
• Children’s literature reading
• Chinese characters
• Chinese words & sentences

Limited spaces available. Book now!

Contact: Deanna Cao ph 022 598 2031, Email: caoyidie@gmail.com

Kids Club!!

Kids Club new

Part of our Learning Adventures. Run by St Heliers

Church & Community Centre.
Based on Christian values.
6 Thursdays during each school term.

Fun games, Cool crafts, Bible stories, Dinner!

Term 4: Thursday 2nd Nov ~ Thursday 7th Dec
6 Thursdays @ 4pm ~6pm, $15 each session

The theme is: Amazing Creation

To book please click on this link:  https://enrolmy.com/st-heliers
Contact: Ming ph 575 6098, E-mail: mingx@sthelierscentre.org.nz

About Registration
Here are details to clarify the registration and payment.
To book online please click on this link for Learning Adventures https://enrolmy.com/st-heliers/
If you need us to pick up your children from St Heliers School, and you are NOT an existing
OSCAR customer, please book your children into Learning Adventures through this link:
Pick ups and out of school care
We offer out of school care for St Heliers School Children – it means that we can pick up
your children from St Heliers School and look after them until the club starts.
For Mandarin and Kids Club: Out of school care (& pick up from school) + Club activities
cost will be $17.25 + $5 = $22.25 per session per child
For Drama Club: Out of school care (& pick up from school) the cost will be $17.25 + $10 =
$27.25 per session per child


The above are the standard price.
We offer discount for families with more than 1 child, or discount if your children are
attending more than 1 session a week, e.g. attend 2 Mandarin Classes a week or attend
both Mandarin Club and Kids Club.
In order to receive the discount, please keep your invoice as a reference, feel free to contact
Vee Samuel ph 575 6098 vees@sthelierscentre.org.nz to discuss (otherwise the standard
price will apply)

About Payment

If you have enrolled on Enrolmy you will be sent an invoice via email once Learning
Adventures has finished at the end of term 3.
For Oscar children, the amount of $17.25 (being the regular Oscar session price) will not
appear on your Oscar invoice for that day. Please refrain from paying your Oscar deposit
requests for term 3 if your children wish to do Learning Adventures, just pay the Oscar
invoices instead, it just makes it easier for accounts.
You are welcome to do an on-line transfer for the payment: Acc: 01 0262 0120272 01
(Please reference Oscar and your child’s name) or credit card via Enrolmy.
Otherwise, you can pay cash/EFPOS at the office at St Heliers Centre.
Feel free to ask if you have any questions.
Contact Vee Samuel ph 575 6098 email vees@sthelierscentre.org.nz or Julie de Jong ph
5758442 email oscar@sthelierscentre.org.nz
And hope to see you all in Learning Adventures!
See the Poster

How to pay.

To book online please click here

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