Health & Well-Being Programme


Yoga – Stretch, Strengthen and Stillness
Gentle stretching and strengthening exercises for your whole body (including connective tissue stretches),  maintaining a connection and presence with yourself and your body. Gentle breath meditation and relaxation
Tuesdays in the Centennial Hall

Contact Anna Scott – (09)521 5567,  Mob:(022)1399 810, Email:

Yoga 4 You 
Integrated style yoga, yin yang with a mindful approach. Assists to self heal and repair the body and mind.
The classes include yoga postures, breathing techniques and relaxation. Progress through the term at your own level in a relaxed atmosphere.
Suits most levels.

Thursday at 6.30pm ~7.30pm
Ph: Jaqui Pounder please change her mobile to 021 1519424

Relaxation Workshops
Find out about easy to learn stress management and relaxation techniques.
Contact : 022 028 0349

Body Balance 
Stretch and strength class to maintain physical awareness,
strength and flexibility.
Mondays         7.30 to 8.30pm
Wednesdays    7.30 to 8.30pm
Fridays 9.15am to 10.15am

Contact : Sharon

These Comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training Programs are flexible , affordable courses designed for students at all levels .
Tuesdays and Thursdays mornings 6.30am-7.30am
Contact: DYANA 0210367717

Ninjutsu – Kiwi Dojos
Ninjutsu is a unique martial art experience, guaranteed to change the way you view life. Ninjutsu can be practiced by people of all ages and is a combat martial art that develops intuition and awareness.
Come and give it a try, the first class is free. Open to all ages
Bujinkan Kiwi Dojos                                                                                        
Wednesdays 7-9pm                                                                                          
Cost: $7 students, $8 adults
Contact: Sensei Jon Stockdal  0221 549979 

Feldenkrais- Awareness 
Feldenkrais-awareness through movement. Gentle relaxing exercises to improve flexibility and movement. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels 
Monday 1.30pm-2.30pm, Thursday 11.30am to 12.30pm
Contact: Annie Minton 8336678

Walking Group Thursdays 
A welcoming group of walkers who meet weekly.

Thursdays 9.30am starting from the outside of the st heliers  centre.                                                 
Cost: Donation for petrol if  transport used
Contact: Margaret 5284545 or Helen Grace 5755526

Bay Walkers Saturday mornings now 8.30am  
A weekly walking group who meets by St Heliers beach opposite Vellenoweth Green Moreton Bay trees.
Walk along the waterfront for approx 1 hour and enjoy a coffee together back at St Heliers if you wish.

Saturday Morning 8.30am
No charge (apart from the coffee) –
Contact: Graham or Margaret 5755485 , 027277448

Weight Watchers
Change the way you THINK, EAT & MOVE                                                       
Mondays 5.30pm-6.30pm 
Contact: 0800 009 009

Sukha Yoga 
This is based on the Hatha Yoga style 
Tuesday and Thursday
Morning 6:30 – 7:30 am 
Contact: Sharon 0272093522

Body Percussion
With highly qualified, international Orff Body Percussion Teacher, Marcello Napoli of our Music Centre
Benefits of Body Percussion:
Enhances gross and fine motor skills, physical balance in body and brain, coordination of feet, hands and voice.
Awakens vocal percussion as an expression of inner sounds and rhythms, nurtures a sense of joy by making music within a group.
Reduces stress, boosts immune system, increases creativity, delays or reverses memory loss. This experimental programme is for adults!

Wednesdays : 10am-11am
8 March- 12 April
3 May- 7 June
26 July- 30 August
18 October- 22 November

Cost:         $10 per class, $55 for each series
Contact:   Main office 575 6098 , 0211114266