Friday Focus

Friday Focus

Young Hand Holding And Elder One

Come and meet others like you – people looking to expand their friendships and build their networks


Theme: Caring, Sharing, Cheer
We are a unique group who cares about new migrants and seniors on their own.
We meet every Friday from 12 noon and finish no later than 1.30 pm
Each meeting focuses on a theme of interest to new migrants and seniors.
Come join us and enjoy sharing a lunch with others just like you.
There is usually a special guest that offers value to all our lives through speaking, singing, or sharing travel stories.
Admission is $10.00
Please note: we are currently on Christmas Break.
Our weekly program resumes Friday, 2nd February 2018

A specially hosted meal with an interesting presentation.

CONTACT:, Timothy Rose
575 6098 OR 022 343 1576

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