St Heliers Presbyterian Church

Church Frony

Regular Sunday Service

Our Mission: Reaching out and welcoming in as a community worshipping, loving and serving God.

Come and be a part of something good.

There are programmes you might like to attend or you have skills and experience you could offer – as a course or in conversation. There are organisations that meet here you can join. The variety of activities is extensive- cooking, exercise, meditation, music lessons, concerts, sewing, international dinners, language lessons and English conversation, spiritual nourishment, Christian education and more…….
The more is a sense of community, platform for networking and an opportunity for adventure. 

Our Philosophy
Be a place where all people are welcome and where their culture and journeys are valued.
Be a place that can inform, educate and enable networking and discussion on issues facing our local community and our global village 
Be a safe and sustainable community
Be a nurturing and caring space that will increase the well being of our wider community
Be an excellent customer services provider

Our Vision 
God’s love making the difference

Our Values in Action:
Trust in the Love of Christ;  Be generous, tolerant and encouraging; Show love and respect for all people; Put the good of all ahead of individual preference; Take joy in what we do; Get involved.

Our Goal
To significantly deepen the commitment and increase the number of those living out the life and teaching of Jesus.

Our Leadership

pa-stPauline and Stan Stewart are our ministry team. Pauline is the Senior Minister and Stan works half time. Stan has worked as a consultant in building churches as all age communities in Australia, USA and New Zealand. Pauline’s early ministry weaved around being a television producer and host and a Christian Education consultant.
The Stewarts embody the spirit of the church’s motto, ‘Reaching Out and Welcoming In’. They place a high value on hospitality in the church and in their home life. They love to celebrate milestones such as birthdays, anniversaries, achievements, and comings and goings.They feel that one of the most important gifts the church can and must bring to society and contemporary New Zealand life, is the creation of community. “When Jesus talks of his Kingdom he is not talking ‘pie in the sky when you die’. We know that he is talking about something eternal, but clearly he is also talking about something which has a presence in the here and now”, says Stan. “The Kingdom of Jesus will be welcoming, as He was welcoming to all races, all cultures and all types and conditions of men and women.”In their previous parishes, the Stewarts have developed community centres as part of their church’s life. When they arrived at St Heliers, the Community Centre was already functioning. Since their arrival the scope and number of activities in the Centre has expanded.
As Ministers, Stan and Pauline greatly value children. Children are included in church life wherever possible. About this Rev Pauline writes, “Our task is not just to care for children but also to receive the gifts children bring for the whole community. Jesus lifted children out of the shadows of society and placed them front and centre in his Kingdom..”Both Stan and Pauline Stewart encourage the talents of young and old both and in consequence music, dance, drama and the visual arts are increasingly a part of the life of the church and centre.

Their theme song is –  “Love is the key to everything we do, Jesus is the source of it all.”

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