After school programme

After school programme


Oscar @ Glendowie Centre

For St Heliers School.
Oscar Angels After School Care
Oscar Upgrades  After school Care

Address: Glendowie Centre, 83 Crossfield Road, Glendowie.  Ph 575 8442

A van is available to take all of the younger children to the Glendowie Centre.

*In order for your child to be driven down by van please fill in the OSCAR TRANSPORT PERMISSION SLIP by click on the button at the bottom. Please return by email to or hard copy to OSCAR ST HELIERS CENTRE 100 St Heliers Bay Road St Heliers
Oscar Angels After School Care 5 to 8 years  3-5.45pm 
Angels operate from Glendowie Community Centre. Children are collected from St Heliers Primary by a walking school bus at 3pm. Children have full use of a hall within Glendowie Centre that has direct access to a secure outdoor play area. The afternoon is planned around organised craft sessions, outdoor play and games time. A quiet area is provided where children are encouraged to complete homework and reading. On Fridays and rainy days, a movie (DVD) is planned.
Oscar Upgrades After school Care 8+ years 3-5.45pm 
Upgrades operates from the larger hall within Glendowie Centre. Children are collected along with Angels from the school at 3pm and walked down to the centre via a walking school bus. Upgrades are encouraged to get involved in the planning and operation of the Oscar session. Suggestions can be made to Oscar leaders as to activities they would like to try each week. Typical activities would include cooking sessions for yummy afternoon teas, craft, pop quizzes, movie Friday (and also rainy days) and games session. The use of play stations and movies is limited to treat days and the content of such is controlled.
A quiet room is provided for homework and reading. Upgrades children often assist with the organisation and leadership of such events

Pick up from St Heliers School:

On the first day of school, if you wish your child to be picked up please make your child’s teacher aware and teacher will direct child to Oscar pick up point.
Angels: Trees and seats area in between the junior netball court and junior playground. Rainy days the pick up is underneath the shelter next to the junior net ball court and back of school hall.

Upgrades: Courtyard where rooms 10, 11, 12, 13 are.

Alternatively, if you know the room number your child will be in, kindly let us know ph 575 8442 or and a member of staff will pick your child up.

Oscar after school care (St Heliers Oscar Only @ Glendowie Centre -Price for walk down  + afternoon tea If parents have booked for walk down only to Glendowie Centre and not the full session, if you wish your child to have afternoon tea as well, there will be an extra $2 charged to your account.  Kindly inform us in advance by phone or email.

Oscar Co-Ordinator/Upgraders Supervisor: Vee Samuel
Oscar Caterer/Supervisor:  Jacqui Dunningham
Upgraders Supervisor: Martha Vasquez
Oscar Administrator/Upgraders Supervisor: Julie de Jong

Meet the staff @ Oscars

staff photo 2017 xmas








From Left:

Julie de Jong – Oscar Administrator/Upgrades Supervisor

Martha Vasquez – Oscar Upgrades Supervisor

Vee Samuel – Oscar Co-Ordinator/Upgrades Supervisor

Matthew Clark – Oscar HP Supervisor

Gizem Kokcu – Oscar HP Supervisor

Luz Galaverna – Churchill Park Supervisor

Oscar @ Churchill Park School

For Churchill Park School
Churchill Park School Hall
Address: Kinsale Ave, Glendowie, Auckland
Ph 575 8442, 027 358 3166 or school office: 575 8156 ex. 251,  
Oscar Churchill Park After school Care 5+ years 3-5.45pm
Oscar at Churchill Park started in 2009 due to increasing demand for spaces within the Community Centre. Children who used to be transported to Oscar at St Heliers now  attend their own programme operating within the school hall. On Fridays and rainy days a movie (dvd) is planned. The afternoon is planned around organised craft sessions, outdoor play and games time.
Oscar at Churchill Park is incredibly lucky to have use of the amazing play areas within Churchill Park School which allows for lots of sports and games especially in the summer months.
Pick up on first day of Oscar Churchill Park School for littlies
On the first day of school kindly let us know please the room number your child will be in and a member of staff will pick your child up and take them to the school hall.
Oscar Supervisor:  Luz Galaverna

Collecting children from Oscar

Oscar closes at 6pm sharp. A charge of $1 per minute after 6pm will be made. Please make sure the time is written when signing your children out. PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU SIGN YOUR CHILDREN OUT ON COLLECTION


After School Care
Charge per session  (regular basis) $18.97 incl GST
Casual basis $30
Walk down only to Glendowie $5 + $2 for afternoon tea if required.
When booking on Enrolmy only the $5 will show.  The $2 will be added to your invoice as well when the day is reconciled.

Invoices will be sent via email 5 weeks in arrears.
To pay via internet banking  Acc: 01 0262 0120272 01 (Please reference Oscar and your child’s name)
WINZ subsidies are available.




Glendowie Centre:                                      575 8442
Admin staff are on site 10.30am – 2.15pm

For absences:     575 8442 or 027 575 4827 – use mobile for late absent notification St Heliers Only
Please use landline to leave a message or email: prior to 10am on the day if your child will not be attending either St Heliers or Churchill Park after school programmes
Oscar Churchill Park and Breakfast Churchill Park:  575 8156 ex. 251 (7am to 8.30am) and (2.00pm-6.00pm) Staff onsite 7am to 8.30am –  2pm to 6pm

Oscar Churchill Park Breakfast Club/After School Care Mobile:         027 358 3166 – use mobile for late absent notification

Breakfast Club (St Heliers) Mobile:                     021 049 2673, Can receive calls and texts only but unable to call out or send texts between 7am to 9am Monday to Friday –use mobile for late absent notification

For all enquiries and cancellations

Emergency Contacts:

Oscar Glendowie Centre Mobile:                                        027 575 4827

Oscar Churchill Park Mobile:                                              027 358 3166

St Heliers Centre:                                                                       575 6098
9am-5pm Monday to Friday
Please use this if you would like general information on our Oscar programmes or would like to speak to a staff member outside Oscar hours.

Contact Vee if you want more details.

Vee Samuel

Ph: 09 575 6098 / 021 11 86 241

How to pay.

To book online please click here
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